Zipidi Insurance for Shared Mobility Operators


    Learn more about the risks you may face and possible insurance solutions

  • Using insurance to manage risk

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    How to protect your riders

    Cities want to mitigate risks for their communities and Zipidi has developed an innovative solution dealing with the challenge.


    Zipidi supports operators to achieve the right balance of insurance. We work with you to design a structure best suited to your market and the requirements of the cities within which you operate.

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    Zipidi Personal Accident Insurance

    Zipidi has developed an innovative Personal Accident policy protecting your riders in the event of an accident. Our pricing model makes insurance affordable for both operators and riders.


    Policy Benefits include:

    • Death and Disability lump sum payouts
    • Income protection benefits
    • Ability for the rider to increase their level of cover
    • Ability  to specify additional policy benefits. We work with you to design what you need in your market.

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    Cities require insurance

    Most cities require share operators to hold insurance designed to protect riders. It's not unusual for a contract to specify Public/General Liability Insurance.


    Purchasing a policy with a large sum insured can be difficult to obtain and prohibitively expensive.


    To secure underwriters of new risks requires experience in the risk category. Zipidi has this experience.

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