Livall Smart & Safe Cycling Helmet
In helmet speakers and microphone - not in-ear, so ambient noise can be heard
Handlebar remote control
Music, Phone Calls, Voice Navigation hands-free
Walkie-talkie mode between helmet wearers -good for peletons
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Coming soon
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Walkie-Talkie mode is great for Peletons - a NZ Peleton of 27 riders is the largest we've heard of so far...
The LIVALL BH60SE is a multi-functional lightweight smart helmet that combines safety with connectivity. With concealed LED safety lights and indicators (only visible when activated), handlebar remote control, stereo speakers and Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone makes this helmet perfect for the modern cyclist. 
The x2 built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers and windproof hands-free microphone enable you to listen to music on the go, answer phone calls remotely, and hear GPS sat nav directions while being safely aware of your surroundings. Making the LIVALL BH60SE even safer in the event of an accident the built-in 3-axis gyroscope activates an SOS Alert on your that is sent to your designated contact along with your GPS location. Peace of mind for you and your friends and family. 
#### HANDLEBAR CONTROLS Use the wireless handlebar controls to use the functions of the helmet. Press either left or right to use the indicator signals and up and down to scroll through music. 
Use the red centre button to answer phone calls and press the lower button to use the walkie-talkie function. 
The camera button will take photos on your smartphone whilst being mounted on the handlebars. 
Phone mount sold separately 
LED Smart lighting * Indicator turn signals 
2x 0.5W Stereo speakers 
Bluetooth BLE4.0 + BTE4.1 (Max 10 distance) 
SOS Alert 
-39dB Windbreak microphone 
Handlebar controls 
Micro USB charging 
3-Axis Gyroscope 
Standby duration Max. 180 days 
Lightweight 280g 
24 vents 
Free LIVALL app
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