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  • Issues for cities to consider when regulating micromobility

  • Zipidi's list provides cities with a road map for best practice

    Zipidi's City Micromobility Playbook covers the most important issues cities need to consider when implementing micromobility regulations or share operator trials.

    First and Last Mile Strategy

    • What is the city's purpose or objective in introducing regulation supporting micromobility?
    • What KPI's will the city have in place to know if the trial has been successful?
    • How does the strategy support first and last mile challenges?
    • Is there alignment with bike regulations



    • Speed limits
    • Rider age and criteria
    • Drugs and alcohol - sobriety tests
    • Onboarding of first time riders - do you speed limit their first few rides?
    • Helmets
    • Operating Zones and geo fencing
    • Penalties and enforcement

    OYO and Share Operators

    Share Operators - Who do you provide permits to and on what basis?

    Do you permit dynamic or fixed fleet sizes?

    Do you have dockless, docked or mixed parking arrangements?

    How do fleet owners manage maintenance?

    How do fleet owners manage rider safety?

    Own your Own - how do you support the many thousands of citizens who have their own Personal Mobility Device?

    How do you offer them protection and the benefit of insurance within a clear regulatory framework?

    Vehicle Standards


    • Vehicle registration
    • Retail permits/registration 
    • Factory set speed limits on the device
    • Importing rules and guidelines
    • Vehicle authentication
    • Trust standards for batteries and chargers

    Changing Commuter Behavior

    Changing commuter behaviour - reducing traffic congestion, pollution and parking issues

    • Carrots - incentives
    • Sticks - penalties
    • Interoperability with other first/last mile options as well as shared mobility
    • Interoperability with mass transit systems
    • Wet weather/extremely hot weather plans

    Cloud Management

    • City, Operator or Private Clouds
    • Managing geo-fencing across operators
    • Engaging operators through a "city cloud'
    • One cloud versus multiple clouds
    • Vehicle management in changing weather conditions managed from a cloud


    • General/Public Liability
    • Rider/Personal Mobility Insurance for Accidents
    • Third Party
    • Cyber
    • Environmental

    Curb Use/ Speed/Parking

    • Vehicle separation
    • Shared pathways
    • Speed limits for cars and bikes in environments where micromobility is encouraged
    • Parking for share and OYO devices

    Open Data

    • Operational data
    • Incident data
    • Behavioural data

    Data Management

    • Privacy
    • Cyber security

    Rider Identification, Education and Responsibility

    • Identification
    • Authentication
    • Licenses
    • Accessibility
    • Education
    • Responsibilities
  • Helping cities make smart microbility decisions

    Best Practice Supporting Sensible and Safe Decisions


    Our team have worked internationally in transport, micromobility and insurance. If you are a city trying to come to terms with how to regulate micromobility we would be delighted to assist.


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