Integrated Payment Solutions for Micromobility






  • Best in class micromobility payments from a single API

    Zipidi Pay delivers 30+ Payment Gateways & Services (and more every month)

  • Built for Micromobility Businesses

    Add and switch payment services to your micromobility business with ease. A single API connects to multiple payment gateways and services.

    Process Payments Worldwide

    Expand your business into new markets quickly. Integrate once and orchestrate over 30 payment gateways across the globe.

    Subscription & Instalment Payments

    One integration delivers subscription and instalment options helping grow your business and customer lifetime value. Regular payments for rental riders, instalments for. purchasers and subscriptions for long term repeat purchase customers.

    Get Started Quickly and Compliantly

    Our secure, PCI compliant infrastructure keeps sensitive data off your servers and tokenised in Zipidi's secure vault.

    Supply Chain Funding

    Zipidi Pay's Supply Chain Funding solutions help retailers and operators buy more vehicles sooner, increasing manufacturer turnover.

    Multiple Currencies

    Zipidi Pay is global helping you manage payments better to optimise transaction and currency exchange costs for any currency.

    Simple Integration

    A single API connected to ZipidiPay will reduce your development time, costs and resources.

    You Are Always in Control

    Zipidi Pay's dashboard with multi-user permissions makes it easy for you to set rules, optimise payment flows, reduce costs and increasing operational efficiency.

  • Use Cases For Micromobility

    Shared Mobility Operators

    Easily Manage Rider Wallets and Supplier Payments

    • Make it easy for riders to pay any way they choose
    • More than 30 payment gateways available providing all major payment choices
    • Manage fraudulent cards and bounced payments
    • Offer subscription payments to riders
    • Expand into new markets quickly and easily
    • Save on transactions fees
    • Cost-effective transfer of funds between currencies


    More Payment Choices Create More Sales Opportunities

    • Automatically integrate into 30 payment gateways making it easy for your customers to pay their way
    • Offer instalment, subscription and buy now pay later payment options 
    • Instalment payment options for your inventory orders
    • Single payments dashboard for online and POS
    • Single and multi-store management


    Supply chain and sales solutions for B2B and B2C customers

    • Funded and instant supply chain solutions for your supplies and selling to your retailers
    • Buy Now Pay Later options for your retailers and direct customers
    • Global gateways and multi-currency management
    • Manage all payments from a single payments dashboard

    Shared Mobility Platform Providers

    A Single API to manage Payments for your Platform and its Operators

    • Significantly reduce technology development time, costs and resources
    • Manage wallets on behalf of operators
    • Offer operators multiple payment gateways and types 
    • Optimise transaction processing costs through smart routing and group buying
    • Support operators buy larger fleets with supply chain funding solutions
    • Manage subscription payments from your operators
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