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    Consulting and Risk Management Solutions for New Mobility

    Zipidi delivers consulting and risk management solutions, helping cities, operators, distributors and retailers in the micromobility industry.


    We support share operators, businesses and cities globally with a range of specialist strategy, risk management and insurance solutions.

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    Micromobility Playbook

    Empowering Local Governments and Cities

    for Micromobility Success

  • Zipidi Insights into Micromobility

    Zipidi Insights  - Safety Technology

    Zipidi Insights - Safety Technology

    Sidewalk riding and poor parking are common issues that cities are looking to solve. While there is technology to support these issues, the answer is multi-dimensional. Zipidi Insights into Safety Technology explores some of the challenges associated with footpath/sidewalk riding, poor parking and failure to wear helmets in markets where you are required to do so.
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  • Zipidi Doo-Dah


    Zipidi's Thoughts On Issues Affecting The New Mobility Industry

  • Wear a Helmet

    Many cities around the world require riders of bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters to wear helmets. In fact, in these cities, it's illegal to ride without a helmet. Compliance however remains a challenge with many reasons cited by riders for not wearing a helmet.

    Zipidi has produced this music video to encourage riders in these cities to wear a helmet.

  • The team

    Zipidi is at the forefront of cutting-edge micromobility advancements, ensuring seamless integration of technology, regulatory compliance, insurance and strategic planning to revolutionise urban transportation and foster sustainable and efficient mobility solutions.


    Since 2013, Krystyna Weston and Stephen Coulter have been bringing their financial services expertise to the global mobility industry. They have worked and lived around the world including Mexico City, one of the most congested cities in the world.


    Having engaged with Cities and Operators in diverse regions, including Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, Zipidi possesses unparalleled expertise in the ever-evolving micromobility market.



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    Stephen Coulter

    Stephen leads the micromobility strategy, regulatory initiatives, technological advancements, and solutions programs.


    Stephen brings extensive experience working closely with transport regulators and governments at various levels, spanning Australia, the USA, the UK, Ireland, and Canada. His expertise encompasses advising governments on crucial aspects such as vehicle standards, internet of things (IoT) integration, and insurance protocols, aiming to mitigate risks and optimise programs to promote safer and more successful outcomes.


    Stephen's extensive knowledge extends to micromobility hardware, software, and platform solutions that efficiently manage and support city and local government area (LGA) programs.

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    Krystyna Weston

    Krystyna leads Zipidi’s global micromobility insurance practice, solving client problems and designing leading-edge insurance solutions.


    Insurance for micromobiity is complex, and insurance options may not always be available to mitigate core risks. Krystyna has worked with micromobility clients globally and understands what is available to protect cities and communities.


    Krystyna is an experienced Non-Executive Director, CEO, and Start-Up Founder and has worked across various sectors, including financial services (wealth management, funds management, and general insurance), digital innovation, health insurance, and micromobility/transport.

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    Our team is in Melbourne Australia and work globally.

    When writing to us, please be sure to let us know what city you are in.